Coaching is a structured process to discover your personal resources in order to initiate professional reorientation actively, and successfully face new tasks. Coaching also helps in particularly challenging situations, eighter because outside help seems to be useful or else you want to evaluate decisions with an experienced sparring partner. In a combination of trouble-shooting and advice, I offer neutral feedback, and support you at your

  • entry in your first / new leadership role
  • professional reorientation
  • dealing with change (restructuring, mergers, etc.)
  • difficult management situations (staff reductions, conflicts in the team, etc.)


I assist you at identifying the problem, the systematic analysis of it’s causes, the process of goal-oriented solving and to producing results. Based on your situation, we develop guidelines for your next steps.


Course of the coaching - five steps to the goal

  • Tell me briefly about your situation and needs by telephone or email. We then make an appointment for the first meeting.

  • There we'll discuss the nature of your current situation and what exactly you want to achieve in the coaching, before determining its basis and duration.
  • We develop a structured approach with concrete goals.

  • Throughout the coaching process we constantly keep an eye on our progress report.

  • In the completion meeting, we summarize achievements and deliberate options for your future actions in similar situations.