Our true goals in life and basic needs are basically simple. We want to develop according to our personality, work with joy, be encouraged and promoted, maintain interpersonal relationships and enjoy leisure time.


However reality looks different sometimes. Careers are not entirely predictable and professional life makes great demands on us. The world of work is changing rapidly, markets and competition are more severe and the overall climate has become frosty. Conventional structures and rules are crumbling and we have to adapt to new situations and mindsets. 


The good news is: we can assert ourselves in competition, if we constantly work on our technical expertise, creative skills and social competence. As soon as you're able to equally integrate all three areas in your personal development, you'll prevail in the long term.


The Holistic Approach

This is where my coaching capacity comes in. From entry into working life through all the phases of employment, I support you in order to enable you to act flexibly in pursuit of your professional, personal and financial goals. Balancing your relationship between work, remaining human and life is of particular importance to me.